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As you work on your submission you will see varying formats in which questions need to be answered.  Some require only numbers, while others require much more time and thought.  You are able to save and come back at any time (until you submit).  

Things to Remember

  • Many boxes do not have word or character limits for the text boxes. 
  • You are able to format as you wish (bolding, italics, underlining, bullets...).
  • You are able to skip questions that are required, but you will need to go back and answer them before you submit your project.
  • Please include any documentation and promotional material you wish.  
  • We look forward to seeing your projects in the new electronic format!  (Videos, audio, Facebook, Twitter, news articles...)


  • Can a credit union compete in all of the competitions?
    • Yes - a credit union may submit one entry for each of the awards (Dora Maxwell, Louise Herring, Desjardins Adult, & Desjardins Youth)
  • Can a credit union enter the same entry in multiple programs?
    • No - each program has different objectives and requirements.  Entries should be tailored to match the defined goals of the particular competition.
  • What time period do the award entries cover?
    • Leagues determine the qualifying time frames for their member credit unions.  In general, entries should cover the previous year's activities, but there is no national deadline.
  • How do each of the awards differ?
    • The Dora Maxwell Award is given to a credit union or chapter for its social responsibility projects within the community.  (The award is given for external activities)
    • The Louise Herring Award is given to a credit union for its practical application of the credit union philosophy within the actual operation of the credit union.  (The award is given for internal programs and services that benefit membership.)
    • The Desjardins Youth Award includes all activities to teach personal finance to youth (under 18).
    • The Desjardins Adult Award includes all activites to teach personal finance to adults (over 18).

With other questions, contact Mike Hughes.