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What is the Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Community Service Award?

The Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Community Service Award is given to a credit union or chapter/multiple credit union group for its social responsibility projects within the community.  The award is given for external activities.

Eligible Activities

Credit unions could receive the award for involvement in almost any kind of activity that helps other people or strengthens the structure of a community.  This may include raising funds for charity, educational activities, or community involvement projects, such as a volunteer fair, building low-income housing, or loaning employees a few hours a week to work in hospitals, retirement homes, schools, etc.

Who is Dora Maxwell?

Dora Maxwell was an early credit union pioneer.  She worked as an organizer for the movement's trade association and held numerous volunteer positions at the local and national level.  In addition to organizing hundreds of credit unions, she developed volunteer organizer clubs and worked with organizations on behalf of the poor.